Black Country Saddles is run by Rob Cullen and John Hartley, two Master Saddlers with a combined over 90 years of experience. Their expertise has lent Black Country Saddles to become innovative and high quality in design. Black Country Saddles have the ability to produce beautiful, functional pieces to fit all types of horses. Over the years, Black Country Saddles have declined the opportunity to mass produce their saddles for greater profit, because they did not want to forfeit the integrity and quality of their products. Every detail of every saddle is fine tuned and crafted by highly skilled saddlers in Walsall, England. Black Country Saddles are made only with the highest quality English materials including leathers, wool flocking and 10 year warrantied wood-laminated trees. 

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Dante Dressage Saddle

Solare Jump Saddle

Ricochet Jump Saddle