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Traditional Craftsmanship by Master Saddlers

We love Black Country saddles for their focus on crafting bespoke saddles to fit horse and rider using traditional techniques and high-quality materials. Founders Rob Cullen and John Hartley together have over 80 years’ experience as Master Saddlers, and their commitment to properly fitting the horse and rider shows in the design of each Black Country saddle. Each Black Country saddle is handmade in Walsall, England, and features Black Country’s own wood-laminated spring trees (which carry a 10-year guarantee), 100% wool flocking, fine English leathers, and expert craftsmanship.

Made to Order to Fit You and Your Horse

Most Black Country saddles are made to order for a specific client and horse. Saddle fitters (like us!) work with you to determine the saddle model, tree and panel configuration, and other custom options such as flap length, blocks, or leather finishes, will best fit you and your horse.   

Black Country Saddles Features & Design

Serge Panels
Black Country Serge and K Panels


Serge Panels

“Serge”–rather than leather–is actually the traditional covering for saddle panels. Serge is a natural material made from wool, and has a few advantages over leather: 

  • Absorbs then disperses moisture (from sweat, etc)
  • Helps eliminate saddle slipping
  • Keeps the back cooler than leather by absorbing heat faster
  • Molds more quickly to the shape of the horse’s back
  • Extremely soft, and suitable for cold-backed or sensitive horses
  • Makes for a lighter weight saddle overall

Serge panels can be ordered as a custom option on Black Country saddles.

Black Country Serge and K Panels



K-Panels are another custom option that allow for greater bearing surface and additional wither clearance for horses with muscle atrophy, high withers, or lack of definition. K-Panels can be ordered as a traditional integrated panel, or as a “dropped” or independent panel, which may be more comfortable for some horses. (This Black Country Solare jumping saddle features both Serge and K-Panel options!)

Leather Finishes


Leather Finishes

Black Country offers a wealth of leather options for skirts and flaps, as well as knee pads and specialized full coverage leathers! Rich colors include traditional Black, Dark Brown, Newmarket, Havana, and Oxblood. View the catalog at for the full range of options.

Pictured: Black Country Vinici Dressage saddle in Oxblood Vintage leather.

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Black Country Leather Balsam

$37.99 $25.00

This is one of the nicest leather care products anywhere! The light, non-greasy balm is made of natural oils, fats and beeswax for a mold resistance and waterproofing. Quickly absorbing and makes leather very supple–a light application will last a long time! Good for new and used leather.

Black Country Leather Balsam is made in England and has limited availability in the US.

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Black Country GPD 17.5″ M All-Purpose Saddle 0601


This saddle was custom ordered but never used, and features premium leather and panel options. The GPD is one of Black Country’s most versatile models. Ideal for pleasure riding, showing, or dressage, this saddle features a straight flap to provide support for dressage and maximum shoulder freedom. Black Country describes this saddle as particularly suitable for wide horses, cobs, and other native English breeds.

This Black Country GPD has a 17.5″ seat and medium tree, with grippy Vintage leather on the flaps and skirts and buttery-soft Schrumpf leather on the seat and knee pads. Calf blocks have been added to the sweatflap. This saddle also features the “K” panel, which is designed to increase weight-bearing surface and provide additional wither clearance for horses with a high wither or lacking muscle definition.

All saddle sales are final, so please arrange a trial before purchase to ensure the best fit for you and your horse!
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Black Country Frelsi 17″ MW Icelandic/Dressage Saddle 0622


The Black Country Frelsi saddle was designed to fit short-backed Icelandic horses. The Frelsi features a new cantle design to allow more room for the rider while accommodating a relatively short weight-bearing area. The wool-covered panels (serge) help keep the saddle in place on the horse’s back. With a slightly more forward flap, the Frelsi is suitable for dressage work as well as general purpose and trail riding. This saddle features Black Country’s “T” tree, which is a hoop tree fitting the equivalent of a M-MW tree in standard sizes.

All saddle sales are final, so please arrange a trial before purchase to ensure the best fit for you and your horse!
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Black Country Demo Saddles

We have Black Country demo saddles! Saddle fitting clients within our traveling area may test ride any of our demo saddles during fitting appointments. Our stock of demos is always changing, but usually demo saddles are available in seat sizes 17″ or 17.5″, with a range of color, leather, and flap options to try. If you’d like to test ride any of our demo saddles below, click the button to schedule a fitting appointment, and be sure to let us know which model piqued your interest!

Black Country Ricochet jumping saddle

Black Country Ricochet

The Ricochet is one of Black Country’s most popular jumping and eventing saddles, featuring a low profile, square-cantled seat, and the fashionable, close-contact continental look preferred by Hunter/Jumper riders. The standard tree and panel combination for the Ricochet tends to suit high-withered horses like Thoroughbreds and many more modern Warmblood types. 

Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Ox Blood