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How to Take A Wither Tracing Like a Saddle Fitter

How to take a wither tracing like a saddle fitter

What are wither tracings used for? If you’ve worked with a saddle fitter before, you’ve likely seen them take tracings of your horse’s back and withers. Saddle fitters use wither tracings to keep a visual record of your horse’s changes in shape over time. A qualified saddle fitter will keep a file for your horse […]

3 Reasons to Love Interchangeable Gullet Plate Saddles

Interchangeable gullet saddles

I’ve worked as a saddle fitter for over 20 years. Since I began, new technology and improvements to saddle design have given horse owners more options than ever before to match their horses with a properly fitted saddle. Of these, none has had more impact on saddle making and saddle fitting than the invention of […]