Welcome to our Consignments Page

We are looking for saddles:

  • Good quality saddles for all riding disciplines
  • Value of $700 minimum (less needs approval by DBS staff)
  • No major repairs needed - Saddles needing repairs will be fixed at seller's expense prior to posting for sale. Minor repairs (e.g., new billets, misc. stitching) will be done in our workshop on site. 
  • Current models (no more than 20 years old) 

How To Sell Your Saddle:

  • Call or Email Jackie, our Consignment &Social Media Coordinator
  • Send us an email with a photo of the saddle you are looking to sell for evaluation 
  • Ship the saddle to us and we will take care of the rest!
  • Pay $40 administrative listing fee - checks can be sent with listing form - all major credit cards accepted
  • DBS receives 35% of final selling price at time of the sale. 
  • Saddles needing deep cleaning and conditioning will incur a $50 fee.

       *Please do not ship a saddle to us without connecting with us first - thanks!

Detailed Selling Process:

  1. Measure saddle
  2. Photograph saddle 
  3. All marks, scratches, dings and other cosmetic markings will be noted 
  4. Research other used saddles of the same make & model
  5. Confirm pricing with the seller
  6. Once price is confirmed we will post the saddle to our store on our website, Facebook store, Pinterest, eBay and various other tack selling sites.  We also have access to other sellers and buyers who may be looking for a particular saddle. 

Please refer to the FORMS & DOCUMENTS page for more details on selling consignment saddles.

The fit of every saddle is unique.  Even if the makers, models and sizes are the same between two saddles, the fit may be different.  Adjustments and customizations may have been made or models may have changed over the years.  In the case of hand-made saddles, no two saddler's work is exactly alike.  All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps or are approximate measurements taken by DBS staff.  This information is provided as a courtesy and is not a guarantee.

We do NOT guarantee the sale of ANY saddle but we will do our best to price the saddle competitively and market it widely enough for people to see!

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Purchasing a used saddle through DBS:

  1. View our Used Saddles page and pick out a saddle.
  2. We encourage saddle trials before purchasing - please Contact Jackie to arrange a consignment trial.
  3. We do offer 7 day trials on our saddle as we want to make sure they fit! You are responsible for all shipping fees (both ways) and any damage made to the saddle while on trial.
  4. We can bring the consignment saddles to you! If you are not sure about your choice and are within our traveling area, schedule a Saddle Fitting with Kate Wilson.
  5. If you need more time past the alloted 7 days for the trial, please contact us to let us know. 


Do you have a saddle that doesn't fit you or your horse and is just sitting around with no use?
We are here to help you sell that saddle that someone else may be looking for! 
We work with all English & Western Saddles!