Kent & Masters S-Series jump saddle with chestnut horse and rider
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Saddle Fitting Solutions, Handmade in England

Kent & Masters saddles are developed using Pliance Pressure mapping to ensure pressure is evenly distributed, encouraging freedom of motion. The saddles are hand-crafted in Walsall, England using traditional techniques and high-quality materials. Three unique panel profiles offer fitting solutions for low, medium, and high-withered conformations. Each Kent & Masters saddle is flocked with 100% British wool and is compatible with a changeable gullet bar system, allowing the rider to easily adjust the width of the saddle at the pommel as the horse grows, develops, or changes shape.

Kent & Masters Features and Design

Changeable Gullet Bars
Thorowgood/Kent & Masters/Fairfax 'S' gullet bars


Changeable Gullet Bars

These changeable gullet bars are available in seven sizes from Narrow/Medium to XW/XXW. The changeable gullet system allows the rider to quickly and easily adjust the width of the tree at the pommel as their horse grows, develops, or changes shape after time off.


An eighth size, XXW, is available only for saddle models compatible with “S,” or short-length bars. 

Conformation Designs
Kent & Masters Cob low wither profile saddle

Conformation Design

Kent & Masters saddle models are offered with 3 different wither profile designs for low, medium, and high withers. The saddle designs for each are based not only on wither height, but also on other fitting concerns unique to each conformation type. 


Visit for more details on each wither fitting profile!

Changeable Girthing Arrangement
Kent & Masters flexible girthing arrangement


Flexible Girthing Arrangement

Kent & Masters saddles are fitted with 3 billets, with the 3rd one being movable. The flexible girthing arrangement allows you to modify the billet position to optimize saddle stability quickly and easily. 

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Kent & Masters Stirrup Leathers


Kent & Masters stirrup leathers are covered in top-quality hide leather with a non-stretch webbing core. These leathers are double stitched for strength and durability and feature stainless steel buckles. Our most popular stirrup leathers!

Available in black or brown. 48″-64″.

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Kent & Masters Compact GP 17″ All-purpose saddle 0595


Like new! This saddle was used only a handful of times. Comes with everything you need to start riding right away! Package includes Kent & Masters 17.5″ saddle with interchangeable gullet plates, saddle cover, anatomically-shaped 50″ Camelot girth, 54″ stirrup leathers, and 4 3/4″ Centaur stainless steel stirrup irons.

The Kent & Masters S-Series Compact GP is an English-style general or all-purpose saddle. It comes with an interchangeable gullet and gullet plates that you can use to fit the saddle to your horse. The saddle is compact with a narrower twist.

All saddle sales are final, so please arrange a trial before purchase to ensure the best fit for you and your horse!

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Thorowgood/Kent & Masters/Fairfax ‘S’ Gullet Plate


These interchangeable gullet bars are compatible with all Thorowgood, Kent & Masters, and Fairfax saddle models that feature the ‘S’ (short) gullet bar series. Available in 8 sizes from Narrow-Medium to XXW. All gullet bars are sold individually.

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Thorowgood/Kent & Masters/Fairfax ‘R’ Gullet Plate


These interchangeable gullet plates are compatible with all Thorowgood, Kent & Masters, and Fairfax saddle models that feature the ‘R’ (regular) gullet plate series. Available in 7 sizes from narrow-medium to XXW. Gullet plates are sold individually.

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Kent & Masters Demo Saddles

We have Kent & Masters demo saddles! Saddle fitting clients within our traveling area may test ride any of our demo saddles during fitting appointments. Our stock of demos is always changing, but usually demo saddles are available in seat sizes 17″ or 17.5″, with a range of color, leather, and flap options to try. If you’d like to test ride any of our demo saddles below, click the button to schedule a fitting appointment, and be sure to let us know which model piqued your interest!

Kent & Masters Pony Saddle in brown
Kent & Masters Pony Saddle demo in black leather
Kent & Masters pony saddle front panel
Kent & Masters Pony Saddle cantle
Kent & Masters Pony Saddle front
Kent & Masters Pony Saddle stirrup bar

Kent & Masters Pony Saddle

The Kent & Masters Pony saddle is a universal-fitting GP saddle with a shorter panel design to fit a pony’s shorter back, and a medium or standard wither profile. Ideal for multiple disciplines and all Pony Club activities! The saddle has Velcro knee rolls and calf blocks for easy adjustment, and 5 flexible girthing options. 

Colors: Brown, Black
Sizes: 15″, 15.5″, 16″, 16.5″

Kent & Masters S-Series Jump Saddle

Kent & Masters S-Series Jump Saddle

This Jump saddle features forward-cut flaps, with moveable blocks to support the rider’s leg over fences. Longer, swept-back tree points support the front of the saddle and encourage freedom of movement through the shoulder. Kent & Masters “S-Series” saddles benefit from extra design features and superior craftsmanship for a more luxurious feel, like the ghost stitching on the knee roll for closer, more comfortable support.

Colors: Black, Brown
Sizes: 17″, 17.5″

Kent & Masters S-Series Univeral GP Saddle
Kent & Masters S-Series Universal GP Saddle in black

Kent & Masters S-Series Universal GP 

The Universal GP has a slightly forward flap, with a wider, flatter seat to suit riders who prefer a little more room in the seat, or a rider with wider hips. The GP saddle is ideal for low-level jumping as well as flatwork and pleasure riding. This saddle also features Velcro blocks and a flexible girthing system to maximize saddle stability. S-Series saddles have an upgraded design for more luxurious feel. 

Colors: Black, Brown
Sizes: 17″, 17.5″, 18″

Kent & Masters S-Series Universal GDP
Kent & Masters S-Series Universal GDP demo saddle

Kent & Masters S-Series Universal GPD 

The Universal GPD has the same wider, flatter seat as the GP, but with a straighter-cut panel and longer flaps for the rider focused on flatwork, dressage, and hacking rather than jumping. 

Colors: Black, Brown
Sizes: 17″, 17.5″, 18″

Kent & Masters S-Series Compact GP

Kent & Masters S-Series Compact GP 

Compared to the Universal GP and GPD, the Compact GP saddle has a compact, neat seat that may be more comfortable for a petite or narrow-hipped rider on a pony or small horse. The flap is forward enough for jumping, with a deep enough seat for dressage and flatwork. The Compact GP is also available in all 3 wither profiles: low, medium, and high. Features Velcro blocks, a flexible girthing system, and updated “S-Series” design.

Colors: Black, Brown