MDC’s patented adjustable top puts your stirrup exactly where you want it. Your stirrups will be working with your body, providing better leg and foot position, greater contact with the horse, proven reduction in ankle, knee, hip and back pain with greater safety. No other stirrup in the world can offer these advantages as MDC’s adjustable top is patented Worldwide.

MDC's ultra-low profile, high traction aluminum tread offers more traction, support and comfort and easily releases in a fall. MDC’s advanced tread design does not cut your boots, breeches or saddle leather. Optional traditional width aluminum treads are available. Ultra-low profile tread is practically invisible in the show ring, allowing all the benefits of our advanced design with the classic lines of traditional stirrups.

MDC’s patented ‘S’ top is a game changer. Featuring the patented 45° ‘S’ positioning technology, the MDC ‘S’ Flex™ and MDC ‘S’ Classic™ conceal a unique design that produces performance advantages for riders of all riding disciplines. Now you can get an advanced stirrup that has traditional styling with the added benefit of improved stirrup and leg positioning, along with a greater base of support.



MDC’s Multi-Pivot Point, shock absorbing, flexible sides ensure your riding comfort as well as proven reduction in ankle, knee, hip and back pain. MDC's proprietary rubber formula delivers the best shock absorption feature in the industry.

MDC offers a variety of different stirrups to meet your riding needs and preferences. From adjustable angels, to flexible stirrups, to the classical solid stirrup- there is something for everyone! ​