T8 Jump Saddle

Thorowgood Saddles are designed to fit all shapes and sizes of horses. Whether your horse is a cob type, high withered, full figured, slender or a standard build, Thorowgood has a saddle to fit! Thorowgood saddles are light weight and luxuriously cushioned to ensure comfort on your horse's back. All Thorowgood saddles are equipped with changeable gullet plates, moveable knee blocks and changeable girth straps for even more flexibility. The T8 line features quality leather seat and knee pads to give the feel of riding in an all leather saddle. 

Thorowgood Saddles

T8 Dressage Saddle

Dutchess Bridle & Saddle is a Kent & Masters stockist. We do not keep all models stocked, however, we can work with you to order exactly what you want!

T8 Edurance Saddle