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Veritas Saddles are designed with a focus on ergonomics for horse and rider. Veritas is a specialized line of dressage saddles, with five models to fit a wide range of back shapes and rider preferences. Each saddle is highly customizable with a variety of high-end leather options, shaped thigh blocks, and welting colors. Every Veritas dressage saddle is built on a traditional wooden spring tree that can be adjusted by a qualified saddle fitter. 

Veritas Saddles

Schedule a test ride in one of our Veritas demo saddles and find your fit!

Veritas Novus dressage saddle
Veritas Novus Dressage saddle profile
Veritas Novus dressage saddle stirrup bar
Veritas Novus dressage saddle front panel
Veritas Novus dressage saddle detail closeup

Novus Dressage

DEMO: 17.5″ Black Memel, upswept panel

The Novus dressage saddle features a monoflap design, narrow twist, and wider sitting area for a close and secure-feeling ride. This saddle accommodates horses with shorter backs, smaller breeds, and higher withers. The “V” billeting system with point billet increases stability. This saddle comes standard with black buffalo leather and black patent welting on the seat, cantle, and stirrup keeper. The rear gusset is standard, but this saddle can also be fitted with an upswept panel to fit even shorter backs and higher croups (see demo). 

Test ride
Veritas Cirrus Dressage saddle
Veritas Cirrus demo saddle profile
Veritas Cirrus demo saddle thigh block

Cirrus Dressage

DEMO: 17.5″ Black Buffalo

The Cirrus dressage saddle has a seat as soft as a cloud, and features black buffalo leather with black patent welting on the seat, cantle, and stirrup keeper as standard options. The open-headed tree with upswept cantle can accommodate a variety of horses. The panels are lined with Norwegian felt and filled with 100% wool flocking. This monoflap dressage saddle offers a close ride with a narrow twist. Features a “V” billeting system to increase the stability of the saddle. 

Test Ride
Veritas Novus dressage saddle stirrup bar
Veritas Eximo dressage saddle cantle

Eximo Dressage

DEMO: 17.5″ Black Buffalo

The Eximo dressage saddle is built on a tree with an angled point to allow the horse’s shoulder more freedom, with an open head and upswept rear to fit a wide range of horses. The monoflap design, deep seat, and narrow twist promote a close and secure-feeling ride. The Eximo comes standard in black buffalo leather with black patent welting at the seat, cantle, and stirrup keeper. The “V” billeting system increases stability. Like the Novus, the Eximo can be ordered with upsept rear panels to accommodate the extra short-backed horse or high croup. 

Test Ride
Veritas Libero Dressage Saddle
Veritas Libero dressage saddle demo profile
Veritas Libero demo stirrup bar
Veritas Libero dressage saddle demo seat
Veritas Libero dressage saddle thigh block
Veritas Novus dressage saddle black buffalo leather

Libero Dressage

DEMO: 17.5″ Black Buffalo

The Libero dressage saddle features panels lined with Supracor, an innovative cushioning material, and an upswept design to allow more freedom for shorter backed and croup high horses. The Supracor-lined panels also make this saddle a fantastic option for sensitive horses. The Libero has a slightly more open seat with a centered balance point. Our demo has a Velcro thigh block to measure personalized placement of the block when ordering a Veritas saddle. 

Test Ride

Vero Dressage

DEMO: 17.5″ Black

The Vero dressage saddle features a more open seat, allowing riders freedom to find their own balance point. The shorter panels at the rear and front can often accommodate a shorter back or a more pony-type conformation. The Vero has a single flap and “V” billeting system to promote stability.

Test ride

Veritas Design & Features

Custom Thigh Rolls
Veritas Libero dressage saddle thigh block


Thigh Rolls

Veritas saddles have a range of shapes and sizes of thigh rolls available to ensure personalized support for the rider’s optimal position. 

Supracor Panel Lining


Supracor Panel Lining

Available in the Libero model, Supracor Stimulite honeycomb distributes weight uniformly over your horse’s back to relieve pressure while providing exceptional stability. The honeycomb cells contour and flex with your horse’s movements to absorb shock and prevent the saddle pad from slipping. Tiny perforations in the honeycomb cell walls circulate air and evaporate moisture.  For more info on the panel lining visit –

Leather & Welting Options
Veritas Welting Options


Leather, Welting, and Cantle Options


Leather Options: Black Buffalo, Brown Buffalo, Black Mellow, Brown Mellow, Memel, Chestnut mellow, Kilger Smooth, Panther


Patent Welting: Purple, Brown, Cobalt Blue, Cherry, Ruby Silver, Dark Grey, Black, Veritas Orange


Veritas saddles also have a variety of options in leather and colors for cantle backing. Visit for the full range!



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Veritas Curva Dressage Girth


The Veritas Curva anatomical dressage girth is made with the highest quality English leathers and the same meticulous craftsmanship as Veritas saddles. The anatomic shape keeps the saddle from sliding forward onto the horse’s shoulder blade. The curved shape allows plenty of clearance for the horse’s elbow, without losing contact on the front edge or creating a pressure point along the back edge of the girth. Easy-to-use keepers resist tearing or breaking, while high-quality, durable elastic and chrome roller buckles at each end make tacking up easy. Not to mention–the front of the girth is marked so you’ll always know which side faces forward!

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