LB contacted us to "fix" her Stubben halter. She had sent it elsewhere to be repaired and was horrified when she got the halter back and saw what had been done to it. After Jim remade some straps and stitched them back into the correct position, she was very pleased with the results:
"It looks like it just came straight from the factory. Perfect! Next time I have nice tack that needs repairs, you will be first on my list. Amazing job, thank you!"


Wow! Yes, that was fast. Good job on your listing and thank you for
your help with negotiating. Neither of those things are my strengths
so I appreciate your service.
I hope the saddle works well for the new owner. :)

Recent Feedback:


I just wanted to say thank you!  My saddle is beautiful.  The new billets are perfect and the stitching on the thigh blocks is flawless.  You do amazing work!!Type your paragraph here.

Karen B. of Skandia, MI sent us her saddle for repairs - the story of how the saddle needed repairs is quite remarkable! The saddle was girthed to the horse when he bolted into the deep woods and was gone for 27 hours. When the horse was finally located, the stirrup leathers and irons were gone having bent a stirrup bar in the process. The billets were broken as well. Fortunately, the tree had not been broken as the brand was a Kent & Masters saddle which is built on a plastic type tree - it wasn't even buckled or kinked anywhere! Even though the horse had also (apparently) rolled on the saddle, the external saddle leather wasn't marked or scratched and the interchangeable gullet plate had only been flattened, not broken. In addition to replacing the bent stirrup bar, broken billets and widened gullet plate, we added extra D rings for pommel bags. Karen emailed us to say, "I received the saddle yesterday - looks great and I think the new rings will work well for me. Thanks so much - I included a couple of photos of the horse behind all this, wearing the saddle (and pommel bags, come to think of it)."

"I am very pleased with how well my saddle fits Tanner and grateful to have strong new billets so I stay in the saddle! It was a pleasure to meet you. Lucky how that worked out! Want to thank you for working me into your busy repair schedule. I have reported to my saddle fitter so I suspect you will continue to enjoy referrals from her." Anne K, Holland, MI

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